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  • 公司簡介



     1 機電設備的代理、設計生產、系統集成及維護。
     2 制冷及中央空調系統設計、建造、產品銷售及后期服務。
     3 裝飾及機電工程。



      “漢維以人為尊”一直貫穿經營歷程,通過持續的業務培訓和誠實守信等企業文化的熏陶,漢維團隊的業務素質在不斷提高和保持著很好的穩定性。目前企業擁有高級工程師二位,工程師四位,項目經理數位;團隊的主要骨干都在公司服務八年以上,并有越來越多的人才加入。 因為他們認同漢維的理念:“責任、道德、合作、學習、創新、共同成長”。每個員工都以“漢維人”為豪,漢維也因擁有優秀穩定的團隊而得到客戶的信任。



    Handway was initiated in 1994,in 1995 Handway Mechatronic Company was set up。With the development of its business,Handway Decoration-engineering Company, who is under Handway’s banner, was establish in 2003 and its manufactory-distribution firm in Lishui Town, Foshan, Guangdong was built up in 2006 . From the initiation till now, our enterprise has form its three core businesses:

    l Supplier of air-conditioning and famous brand Mechatronic devices, as well as design and manufacture, system integration and maintenance.
    l Design, construction, product sale and service for Cooling and Central Air-conditioning System.
    l Decoration and Mechatronic engineering project
    After more than ten years of hard imbark, Handway has become a synthesis enterprise and perfect co-operative partner with the combinative capacities of design, manufacture, sale, installment, maintenance etc.. Its dominant technical strength and splendid management contribute to the enterprise’s stabilization and reliability, which has gain it good mouth-to-mouth reputation in the mechatronic and engineering service industry.

        Achieving customers’ approval is the motivity of Handway. It persist in thinking what the customers might think and providing best-suit products and service to customers, allowing them to get most profit from what they’ve paid, thus achieve Handway’s values—benefit both parties. Simultaneously Handway keep working hard in improving products’ quality and service level, striving for perfection and thus have won customers’ appreciation and approval. Growing with its clients in the market, Handway has become their stable and reliable co-operative partner. Presently Handway maintains good business relations with the world’s best 500 enterprises and domestic famous enterprises, such as  Pepsi, Kraft, China Telecom, CNC, GZ Library, Guangzhou International Textile City, etc.

    “Handway will do the best for you” is the main ethic that run through all Handway’s management processes. Through continuously technical training and edifications of enterprise-culture like ’Honesty’ and ’Faithfulness’, qualities of Handway’s teamwork are continuously being enhanced and maintained in a outstanding stability. Now among the employees there is one Senior Engineer, four engineers and several project managers working the enterprise; all the core members in its teamwork have served in the enterprise more than eight years. Meanwhile more and more outstanding elites are joining its teamwork because they all approve Handway’s belief: "Responsibility; Moral; Cooperation; Life-long Study; Creation and Develop together”. Every staffs are proud of being a “Hanway staff”, and thus Handway has gain trust from its clients since its outstanding and stable teamwork.

    Unceasing technical innovation and faster grasp of the newest technology are believed to be two main core competitive capacities in Handway. Through cooperating with institutions of universities and international famous brands, as well as the enterprise’s own continuously enhancement, Handway has grasped the characteristics of all sorts of systems in the vocations it has engaged in and skillfully applies them into design, sale, installment, maintenance and manufacture, leading to a “Systematic solution” to its customers. As a system-integration business, Handway directly provide high quality service to the user and the general contractor.
    Handway is a private enterprise that reaches tens of million Yuan turnover each year. What Handway cares most is whether it can keep providing best quality products and services to its customers. Handway staffs all enjoy the processes of satisfying customers with high quality and professional service. Customers’ approvals are the motivity of Handway’s unceasingly hard working. Handway staffs will continuously work hard to better “漢維.HANDWAY” brand, hand in hand with its customers, contribute itself for the enhancement of global communities.